Social media strategy

  • Building a wider, industry-leading online presence on LinkedIn, increasing follower count from ~300 followers to over 2000 in two years, leading to numerous contacts and connections
  • Translated CEO Jeroen’s specialised knowledge of floriculture, quality, and data, into a steady stream of posts and articles, helping to push new topics into the mainstream like Sea Freight logistics
  • Developed a diverse communication ecosystem, including targeted advertising campaigns and prospect-gathering downloadables to engage with relevant players in the industry

The foremost experts in flower and potted plant supply chain logistics, FlowerWatch are determined to continue spreading their quality-raising message across the industry. By shaping its offer into easy-to-understand, eye-catching content, FlowerWatch has developed an online presence that has captured the interest of key players in floriculture. The brand is showing strong growth, with over 2,000 followers on LinkedIn.

Our company is on a steady growth curve, and Rebelieve has helped us present a clear proposition and brand story, create truly relevant, on-brand content, and ensure it reaches the right people. With Rebelieve's 'magic,' our story is out there, opening the door to many new contacts and generating quality leads.

Jeroen van der Hulst
Founder and CEO