Who we are

We are a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary team of creative communicators whose aim is to help you (re)find the spark in your brand

Our vision

Our vision is of a world in which brands and professionals own, live and confidently share their story - all of it. We want to see you thrive among different tensions and demands, cultures and languages. We see ourselves supporting you in using your business as a means for helping people, communities and our planet to flourish.

Do you know about the concept of brand archetypes? Our favourites are the Alchemist and the Lover. As a pair, they contribute to richer connections between people, and turn problems into solutions - typifying our belief that together, we can bring your brand to life.

Team members

The Rebelieve team is a collection of creative professionals, specialists in their fields, including writers, designers, strategizers, analysts, marketers, and translators

Mixing together developing talent and experienced industry players from across the world, we’re proficient in a range of creative and branding disciplines, and eager to face any challenge - with a wide network of trusted experts at our fingertips, too. Defined by our internationality, we’re used to working remotely, with the freedom to travel to location for interviews, video creation, and meetings - so we can often meet up in person too.

Stephen Teeuwen
James Teeuwen
Lisette Kamphof
John Mark Teeuwen
Sjoerd Lormans
Rolinka Everaars
Robin Ducro
Wesley Eland
Rebecca Breekveldt

Our values

Icon Brand Identity

Contact before contract

If not for bringing people together to pool resources and create better ways forward, then what is business for?

Icon Culture, Team, Leadership

Purpose with impact

We believe tomorrow’s inspirers are those with a strong identity, a clear purpose and an honest understanding of where impact is most needed.

Icon juggling contrasts

Juggling contrasts

Tensions, pressures, differences and contrasts can be a nuisance or a part of our story - and a trigger for real growth.

Icon embrace adventure

Embrace adventure

Discovery, growth and the building of a better world call for us to break new ground - with a beginner’s mindset and a spirit of adventure.

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