Design Group

Promotional banners

  • Positive response from the local community of Hoogeveen
  • Created a sense of pride in the company
  • Neighbouring companies soon followed suit

Design Group asked us to design several large banners to be displayed on various buildings at their HQ in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands.

To strengthen the connection between DG and the people of Hoogeveen, we aimed to provide passers-by with a sneak peek of what goes on inside the DG buildings, while also communicating on an emotional level.

After we designed the banners, DG organised a photoshoot with staff to recreate the stock photos we used in the drafts. This greatly enhanced the personal connection.

The response from employees, residents of Hoogeveen and neighbouring businesses has been very positive.

Design Group banner project - Maak van je werk een feestje

Working with Rebelieve feels like working with your own professional colleagues

Bernadine R. Douwes
Office Manager