Informative article

  • Increased awareness for the women in the shea industry
  • Increased awareness for the work of CBI
  • Part of an ongoing series of summaries of CBI projects

CBI, part of the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs, is the Centre for the promotion of imports from developing countries. Recently, we wrote an article for them about the role of women in the shea industry in Nigeria.

The sector employs many women.

Yet, their position in the industry is vulnerable. An innovative training project in the Nigerian shea industry is opening up a better future for over 1,000 women.

We have collaborated with Rebelieve on several projects, especially in the field of writing texts and articles. They combine good writing and communication skills, and they proactively think about what is best for the project. Also, they’re not at all fazed by short lead times. In short, a great agency to work with if, like us, you want to serve your constituency at a high level.

Marije Konijnenberg
Communication advisor / Communications Team International
Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)