Experience the wonder of adventure

Individual and team retreats for reflection and inspiration in the outdoors

Need a reset for yourself or your team? A moment outside of the bubble to catch your breath? Rebelieve Adventure curates 24-hour and longer retreats for individuals and teams, facilitating reflection, inspiration and growth at great locations on our beautiful planet. By offering bespoke, recurring programmes, we want to help you make your journey worthwhile.

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Excitement with purpose

Adventure: the right one can change everything. That’s why we combine our activities in branding, organisational health, and marcom with adventurous retreats, focusing on personal reflection, connection and shared growth experiences.

  • Bespoke retreat & adventure arrangements
  • Thematic retreats
  • Group activities
  • Team resets
  • Recurring programming for long-term impact

"Leaving work Friday afternoon and arriving back home Saturday night made this 24-hour getaway convenient and impactful at the same time.”

Andrew, first-time participant, 24-hour getaway, Dartmoor (UK), March 2023

You’re ready for an adventure if…

  • You’ve just formed a new team and want to get everyone on the same page
  • Your (management) team is reconsidering its direction or purpose
  • You want to take time out to reconnect with like-minded people
  • You or your team are in a transition and want to mark it with a meaningful event
  • You or your team needs to relax, reset, recentre, reconnect and rebelieve

Read what others have to say:

24-hour getaway, Schiermonnikoog (NL), September 2023

24-hour getaway, Dartmoor (UK), March 2023

Ready to take your team on an Adventure?

Do you, or your team, need a chance to refresh, recentre, and rebelieve? Contact us to discuss our bespoke Rebelieve Adventure retreats now!